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Custom designed rigid boxes for individual products. These boxes are manufactured on highly automated equipment operated by skilled mechanics and technicians. Cover wraps can be a standard color paper or custom printed. Embossing and foilstamping can add interest and enhance the value of your products. There are many stock sizes for which box tooling already exists, or for those with special requirements we will be happy to design and manufacture a custom size and style to your specifications.



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Helpful Terminology
Set-up or Rigid Box
A chipboard paper box of rigid construction.
It has a base and lid and is usually wrapped with printed paper or bookcloth material.

Base: The bottom part of a set-up box

Blind Debossing: Decoration process where the image is stamped without ink or metallic fill. The image is pressed down below the surface of the plane.

Blind Embossing: Decoration process where the image is stamped without ink or metallic fill. The image is raised above the surface of the plane.

Box: A complete set that includes both a base and a lid

Caliper: The thickness of the paper that is shown in mils (thousandths of an inch)

Clasp: A metallic closure used to securely close a lid or lid flap to a base

Embossed Finish: The texture of the paper or material being used to cover the board.

Flap lid: A lid attached to a box that has no sides or ends

Hinge: The joint where the lid is attached to the base of a one piece box allowing movement.

Hot Stamp or Foil Stamp: Decoration method in which metal or pigmented foils are applied to a sheet with a heated metal die or plate

Label: A plain or printed die-cut paper or board affixed to a box. These are used to enhance or identify the contents

Lid: The top portion of a set-up box

Poly Bag: Clear plastic bag used to pack/protect the finished product

Silkscreen: Decoration process where the image is applied with ink directly to the wrap material.

Slide Box: A box in which the lid is in the form of a shell into which the base is inserted at the side or end

Slipcase: A case into which a product such as a book, binder or other case is inserted

Stay: Material used for securing and reinforcing the corners of a base, lid tray

Telescoping Box: A box in which the lid fits totally over the base, when opening gives the appearance of a telescope.

Turn In: The part of the wrap which shows on the inside of the lid

Wrap: Material that is glued to the base or lid of a box. Wrap can be plain paper, printed paper, book cloth or any other materials that are glueable.